Monday, December 20, 2010

We're Cookin' Now!

Yep! I think I may have finally broken out of my pre-Christmas slump!

Saturday night, I pretty much had sat around all day and into the evening, feeling kind of sorry for myself, a bit blue and sad. Why? Because I didn't know that Mandy had made arrangements for the kids to go spend the day with her friend, Jenn-Jenn and her kids so I didn't make any arrangements aforehand then to get my jeep to use and do things Saturday afternoon. If the kids had been here, there's no way in God's Green Acres I would or could have tried to take them with me and try to finish up any Christmas shopping but without them here, I could have gone and perhaps taken advantage of some sales that were available on Saturday.

That kind of set the tone then for me for the day as I sang the "Poor Me" blues to myself for something to do, lacking anything better, ya know.

Finally, around 9 p.m., I was fairly wide-awake then and decided to bake some cookies. So, I got out the two bags of Andes Peppermint chips and made two big batches of cookies, using the recipe on the back of the bag.

Now, if you like Andes candies and peppermint, then this recipe is one you should give a shot! Most definitely! The cookies are kind of like Toll House except that they have oatmeal as well as coconut in them, and pecans and of course, these scrumpdelishous peppermint chips! I baked a little over 12 dozen of these puppies and everyone in the family who has tried them now, loved 'em! So I will definitely be baking these cookies again in the future!

Sunday, yet another day of no wheels and left to my own devices as Maya had spent the night at Jenn-Jenn's house and Kurtis went with his dad for the bulk of the day. Talk about a quiet house, this place was that, for sure.

I confess it is kind of nice if the kids are out and with their dad or someone or somewhere else. Quiet is nice now and then. It was really nice not to have to listen to Kurtis crying because Maya had just pushed him or done some other mean little trick to him -and baby, she has dozens of tricks she pulls on poor Kurtis and he either ends up with being hurt, physically, or just having his feelings tromped on some times too.

But the thing of it is, when they are gone for any length of time, then I start missing the noise and confusion and the mischief-making too that usually goes along with their being here.

Yeah, I'm one really spoiled and often confused too, old lady who just wants to have her grandkids around me as much as possible! By the time they both got back home Sunday night, I had definitely had my fill of the silence in the house -enough to last me a good while anyway!

But I did take advantage of the quiet on Sunday and managed then to get my cards addressed. Well, all but two that is and I couldn't find addresses for those two potential recipients so will have to make other arrangements to get cards sent to those folks on my list.

Today, I had to go to Clearfield for my weekly blood work, so I had Clate come down here and Mandy took him to work so I could use the jeep to go to the clinic. Things went very smoothly with the lab tech person today and after I left there, I went and got my son what probably will be his most appreciated present this year. I went to the District Magistrate's office and paid off the last of the fines he had there! To the tune of $60.00, no less! I gave him the paper tonight just before supper and yes, he was really happy and excited to see that was out of his hair. I knew he had to make a payment on this fine by this Wednesday and I also knew he didn't have near enough money to even make a payment -what with other bills hitting him right and left and not near enough money coming in to make payment on all of them much less this hanging heavy over his head too. I figured since I got that nice windfall sale last week of so many of my needlecraft items, the least I could do was eliminate that worry for him.

As he said when he saw what I had done, "Well at least I don't need to worry now about the sheriff having a warrant out for me, do I?" No, son you don't but please, don't do this stupid stuff again!

Now, tomorrow - I have a much needed, long overdue appointment with the eye doctor so I can finally get my eyes checked, new lenses and frames ordered and perhaps sometime within the next week or two, be able to see much better -again! The lenses in these glasses just don't give me the vision help I need and the fact the frames are more than a little bit bent out of shape too, doesn't do a thing to help my eyesight either. Nor do these frames do anything to help my appearance either as they are so bent and wobbly too that they look like my face must be a bit crooked!

Once I get that taken care of, then I can dig in and start doing some really serious baking. Have lots of different cookies I want to make, plus bread to bake on Thursday and Friday. Then, I also have to figure out my menu for our Christmas meal which will be Friday night prior to going to church plus another meal on Saturday as well.

Now just so we don't get hit with some bit old snowstorm or some such nasty kind of weather, or no one has a bad accident that knocks the power out for any length of time to prevent me from completing my baking and cooking routine and we'll be good to go then Friday night as well as Saturday where the food is concerned anyway!

And Mandy is a bit peeved this evening with Uncle Clayton and Gram too. But this new word in Kurt's vocabulary didn't come from us teaching him this. Rather, it came from his seeing one of those Geico ads and he apparently fell in love with the psychiatrist in the ad who yells at his client and calls him a "jack-wagon!" Cause he said that after the ad had just finished playing on the tv which got Uncle Clate to giggling and that was all it took.

You laugh at anything he says and boy, that word or words then do often seem to get locked in his mind for a long, long time.

Mandy -by the time supper was over had had enough of his calling everyone and everything around here a "jack-wagon" so now, Uncle Clate and Gram are on her bad list for egging the boy on to get him to say this over and over again.

I swear I didn't encourage him to do that.

Really, I didn't. It's all that bad Uncle Clayton's fault. And you know, don't you, I wouldn't lie about this, now would I?

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