Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Night Visitor

Tuesday evening, shortly before it was time for the kids to go to bed, Maya lost another tooth!

This was another upper-front tooth but not the other one in the very front -guess that would make it an incisor to the right of the front tooth, wouldn't it? But anyway, she can definitely be singing that old song, "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."

So Mandy told her to get an envelope and put the tooth in it and then, put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy to come visit her and that suggestion sort of freaked Maya out. She started to fuss saying No! And that she didn't want the tooth fairy to be coming into her room!

I have no clue what brought this on but eventually it was decided -by Maya -that she would put the tooth under Gram's pillow instead.

This morning, although she didn't come in my room and try to wake me up, I could hear her in the dining room talking and could tell she was watching to see if I was waking up. So when I came out, she asked me then if there was anything under my pillow or not.

And sure enough, there was!

Boy, the tooth fairy sure does pay a lot better rewards these days than it did when I was a kid! Back then the going rate was usually a nickel, maybe a dime I guess if the tooth was a bigger one or some such reason.

But Maya raked in a whopping big $2.00 and now has a big old gap there in her mouth.

I told her she's gonna have to just be eating nothing but really soft foods now and teased her that she's gonna be "gumming it" like Gram if she isn't careful.

Should have seen the look on her face when I told her that line though.

This morning, we had our first real snowfall of the season and boy, either it was horribly slick out or a lot of folks had forgotten how to drive in snow because there were several accidents in this area in a short period of time. The way it was coming down there for a while, I half expected the school to dismiss early but they didn't. However, Kurtis was home all day as his school was canceled for the day.

And I have been freezing here all doggone day! Just shivering and can't seem to get warm.

This evening, since it was Mandy's day to cook at the bar and I wanted/needed to go to a viewing at the local funeral home -a neighbor lady of ours passed away and I wanted to go to the viewing so Clate agreed to stay with the kids while I went up there.

After the visit at the viewing, I ran up to the hardware store in Kylertown to get one of those screw-in light bulb thingys that has an outlet on the side where you can also then plug something in. Needed one of these for the outside light so that we could then hook up the lights from the beautiful wreath my friend, Joe, (aka "Precious) had made for us. While at the hardware, I was looking around a little back in their gift shop and found a very pretty bone china coffee mug with very pretty painting of grapes on it and since it was marked down to $2.00, it came home with me! I love mugs and especially really pretty ones like this one is.

When I got home, things were in a bit of a havoc here with Uncle Clate and the kids!

On Saturday, if you recall, Maya did a number on him with her "washable" paints by spilling them all over the dining room floor and he had to scrub that mess up since I was busy in the kitchen cooking our "Thanksgiving" meal. That deal had him muttering about how he knew there was a good reason he'd never had any children!

Well tonight, seems both the kids got him and got him good this time too.

He said Kurtis had told him he needed to go potty and since normally, Kurt is able to do this all by himself (but he always seems to feel the need to announce to whoever is with him that he has to go to the bathroom -who knows what is reasoning is for that). So anyway, Uncle Clate tells him, Okay, go ahead and away he goes to the bathroom.

Why Maya decided to follow him in there, no one knows, but she did. And supposedly, so the story goes according to Maya, Kurtis whizzed on the floor in front of the commode and because he did that, so did she! (Note: this is Maya's explanation for things which may or may not be the truth and the whole truth, ya know!)

So anyway, when I got back home, Clate was in the middle then of trying to clean up the bathroom floor of this big puddle of pee right smack dab in front of the commode!

I do believe these two children are trying their darnedest to make sure Uncle Clate has a really, really big fear of ever becoming a parent -if and when he ever finds someone who will marry him, ya know!

And, on another note here too -while I'm on a bit of a writing binge -some other news from this place.

I had my fourth chemo treatment yesterday and am very happy to report that prior to getting it, the oncologist told me that he had decided this would be the last treatment needed!

How's that for an announcement, folks?

He said the results from the PET scan I had done about a week ago or so were very good -clean as a whistle -plus all my blood work has been very good all along too so he felt that it was safe then to stop the chemo after yesterday's treatment!

I feel very, very fortunate for sure as to how the chemo went for me in that I had no nausea, a minimal amount of fatigue, really just after the last treatment. The main issues I had from the chemo amounted to ulcers in my mouth and my tongue feeling like it had been scalded and a really bad cause of "dry mouth" all the time. That, and frequently feeling like I was freezing! (Like tonight!) The only time today when I was actually warm, not shivering, believe it or not, was when I was all bundled up in my heavy winter jacket with my knit hat on and my furry red scarf wrapped around my neck! This was even when I was outside, in the jeep, waiting for it to warm up a little and for the windshield to melt the snow/sleet on it! Crazy, huh?

So anyway, that's the latest news from this place -and except for the antics of the kids trying to see what they can do to bedevil poor old Uncle Clayton, I think it was some pretty good stuff going on!

Now, wish I could find a good paying tooth fairy as I'd put my dentures under my pillow in hopes of getting a really good return there!


terri said...

I guess even the tooth fairy has to keep up with inflation!

So glad to hear that you're done with your chemo treatments and have a clean bill of health. Hope you can warm up now!

Smalltown RN said...

Ah the good ol tooth fairy...that's funny about where you had to keep the tooth...I wonder if this is going to be the norm now for Maya...thinking the tooth fairy comes to grama's room and leaves a surprise for her.

I am so glad to hear the good news with you PET scan and finishing chemo...what a wonderful christmas present for you! I hope you warm up soon! Wooly socks for certain!

Poor Uncle Clate...they certainly keep him on his toes...bless his heart for continuing to babysit...he's learning lots even if he doesn't realize it now!

We had early winter snowfall last week...which then turned around at became warmer 8 celcius but with high winds and lots and lots of rain! Ah winter on the westcoast!

Stay well my friend!

Maggie May said...

I think the going rate was 6d in old money (2 1/2p) todays money, when I was a child. These modern children do very well I think! LOL!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Lori said...

Doing the happy dance over your news from the doctor. I am sure you are very happy. My sons who are great uncles as well, make comments about never having kids when the kids do similar things as this. :) Sounds like your house is busy like mine! XX

... Paige said...

that's great news about the chemo!

humm, tooth fairy, we would get a quarter and my cousins would get dimes (there was 9 of them and 4 of us)

SingingOwl said...

Oh oh oh! Poor Uncle...and bad Maya and Kurtis! Rejoicing over your good report and no more chemo! YAY! And I'd love your pie recipe.

Debo Blue said...

There's always room out here for you if you wanna stay a couple of days.

Did I mention it's going to be 80 degrees all week?