Thursday, November 25, 2010

Curing Things!

Maybe this post will turn out to be what some might think is TMI (too MUCH information) but what the heck, is what I say.

Let it all hang out!

Considering how I felt almost all day yesterday and the better part of the night too, with my gut churning away, I was about ready to consider looking into finding -and purchasing -a good colon cleansing pill to shake loose and chase out whatever it was in my gut that was giving me such terrible fits, ya know!

My main concern really though was that perhaps some little tiny piece of food had some how managed to find a little opening in my intestine and lodged itself in there and thus, about to create either a nasty case of diverticulitis or worse -a bit of a blockage such as I had back in May when I ended up being transported down to Pittsburgh to spend 2 days in the hospital there while they tried to determine what had caused my problems that weekend.

I attributed that episode to having eaten a very tiny bit of kernel corn about five days before I had that attack and since then, I have gone to great lengths to make sure I don't put any of that delicious vegetable into my system -not ever again!

And now that things are finally feeling a bit better within my tummy area today and I need to get cracking to on doing what baking needs done for my family and our Thanksgiving Feast -which will be held here on Saturday instead of today because of work schedules for both my daughters - it really hurts me, deep inside in my "traditional Thanksgiving menu side" that is -that I won't be fixing a nice big casserole dish of corn pudding this year.

I love that stuff and I think it's probably my older daughter's favorite way to eat corn, which by the way, is also one of her favorite vegetables too. But, this year, if any one wants to eat that, they're gonna have to cook that themselves and please, don't have it here either, to tempt me!

One go-round with a tiny piece of corn stuck in my gut was more than enough for me!

I'm thinking maybe I'll make some kind of a spinach casserole that would offer a bit of fiber to myself and my family too.

Hey! It sounds good to me anyway!


Berni said...

Happy Thanksgiving. It is hard to not eat your favourite things. Mine is pecan pie and I have yet to figure a way to make it so I can legally eat it.

Maggie May said...

Don't underestimate the effect chemo has on the gut! Might not be anything you've eaten.
I'm afraid that chemo does cause havoc to your insides.
Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving in spite of it.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

TechnoBabe said...

How are you doing today, Jeni? Hope your family Thanksgiving celebration tomorrow is great for all of you. I am sorry to hear about your colon upset. You have been going through so much lately. Enjoy your weekend.

Travis Cody said...

I had to give up corn not too long ago too. So I definitely understand!

Enjoy your meal!

fermicat said...

I hope you're feeling better now. Happy day after Turkey Day! No corn on our menu either, but everything was delicious. Gettin' a little tired of turkey now though. :-)