Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back in Motion -Sort of!

Well, trying to decide what to write about some days is really nice and easy and if I would just jot some of those things down someplace to jog my mind when I have time to sit and write would make my blog life much simpler.

The other day -on my way over to the Cancer Clinic on Monday for my weekly blood work - all kinds of topics and what I'd like to write about them, were virtually flooding my mind. Boy, if I can just remember these thoughts when I get back home, I could do up several posts and let them sit to put them up as I please.

But, remember that old saying about the best laid plans of mice and men, and enter that into my mode of operation and now, you can pretty much figure out that those ideas flew out of my mind then as quickly and easily as they had first entered. Ne'er to be retrieved either in all likelihood!

Sometimes, my ability to forget -which is now getting stronger than my ability to remember -simply amazes me!

Things are sort of starting to settle down here after last week's family loss, my problems then with the neuplasta shot knocking the socks off me for almost two full days, the drive on Saturday to my cousin's funeral and well, I've now forgotten some of the neat little things that the kids did that made life really interesting along the way.

Well, except for one thing that is -and that is how well both Maya and Kurtis behaved at the funeral service and the dinner after the service too. If ever two kids looked the epitome of little angels, it was these two and their behavior Saturday. The fact that they sat completely still -not a peep out of either one -during the service was remarkable for openers, but that they sat up to the table, shut up and ate (following Gram's normal specific directives at mealtime, ya know), made this even more memorable. Not a single bit of argument or fussing over what foods where there and that, my friends, is awesome!

There was one slight problem on our way into the church for the dinner though. Apparently, my klutzy side decided this would be a really good time to make an entrance and as Maya and I walked along the parking lot to the church hall, somehow or other, I managed to get my feet a bit tangled with each other and in doing so, I found myself trying to balance on a parking barrier. Not a good mix, not at all!

Of course, I lost my balance and footing and did a nose dive to the pavement! People scurrying over asking if I was alright and yes, for the most part, I was -well with one small exception -a little cut above my left eyebrow which of course, bled like a darned stuck pig initially.

That, and the other injury was that the frames of my glasses split, just above the left lens and the lens went flying out on the pavement. Oh joy! The rest of the day was spent with me squinting a whole lot, trying to make out what was in my field of vision. (I'm virtually blind as a bat with out my specs, ya know.)

Initially I figured this was going to mean a trip for sure to the eye doctor but a little container of crazy glue saved my checking account of that expense -for a while anyway. I got the lens back in the frame, pushed the frame together then and glued that puppy up but good! I won't say good as new but darned near.

And yes, I am gonna have to make an appointment with the eye doctor sometime in the near future because my frames are more than a bit bent now, plus I know the lenses definitely are in need of being changed too. Just gotta figure out a way to squeeze the money out for that expense along with trying to figure out how I'm gonna pay for all the medical bills that just keep flooding in now too! Arrgh!

Last night, while messing around on my Facebook site, I discovered that today was the birthday for one of the aides at the school Kurtis attends. She and Kurtis are buddies, through and through. She also has a history with my family and me in that years back, when she was in high school, she frequently used to babysit for my kids and my son, Clayton, was a big favorite of hers. Knowing how Kurtis loves Miss Jackie and also, how much he really, really loves birthdays -for anyone -and singing Happy Birthday too -I deliberately put a nice little bug in his ear this morning when I woke him up to get ready for school.

I told him that today is Miss Jackie's birthday and the first thing he was to do when he got to school was to wish her Happy Birthday and then, he was also to sing that to her as well.

I haven't heard anything from her as yet as to whether or not he followed through on my instructions, but considering I had him in the singing mood while he ate his breakfast, I'm betting this was something he no doubt remembered to do! Sure do hope so anyway!

I've also been meaning to post some of the photos taken at our church women's bazaar two weeks ago and keep forgetting to do that. (Darned chemo brain drain keeps attacking my memory more and more.) But anyway, here's the pics -not many of 'em -that I got at the bazaar.

Here's a view on the left of the baked goods (cookies and suc) and on the right, of the bread table, about half-way through the bazaar. I don't know exactly how many loaves of home-baked breads we had donated, but I'd be willing to bet there were 50-60 loaves of Swedish Limpa Rye and Swedish White Kakas. The big round flat loaves you see in the front of the bread table picture are the White Kakas.

The above photo here is of the "Candy Shoppe" with all kind of mouth-watering candies and fudges! It, like the bread and baked goods tables, always gets a good response from repeat customers, year after year!
And this was some of the items on the crafts table -the two tabletoppers on the far left end were two of my pieces of work. Unfortunately, neither item sold this year so I don't know if they just didn't catch the eye of the right person or perhaps we may have overpriced them. Who knows but they're still available at any rate.

And finally, this is a partial view of the Chinese Auction table which has proved to be very successful. (Mandy and I each won two items from our chances purchased on things on the table so we thought it was a pretty good deal.) All the monies raised in the Chinese Auction goes towards our local food bank and this year, we raised $435 for that very worthy charity!

And finally, there's been on little change to my health concerns since my last writing too. At least I don't think I mentioned this before, but if I did, forgive my being repetitive. I now have another new drug added to my plethora of pills to take daily. (Something else I have to remember to do ya know!) This one though also involves my testing my blood sugar at least twice a day now and then, taking an insulin tablet twice a day too!

Trying to get the blood sugar under control is I do believe, about the hardest thing yet for me to deal with. This doctor will tell you to watch your food intake, lay off the carbs and sugars but you can eat virtually all you want of meats, cheeses, eggs, vegetables, and stuff like that. Then, you get hold of a magazine article which says watch the carbs and sugars and oh, by the way, stay away too from daily products, cheeses, milk and such. Which directive should be adhered to anyway?

And do those doctors and writers of these articles have any suggestions then what I can and should be eating when everything seems to make the blood sugar skyrocket?

Darned if I can figure it out, that's for sure!

A friend of Mandy's who is also diabetic brought me a little cookbook with recipes all geared to people with diabetes and these recipes look really good but it confuses me to see things like pot roast -with meat and a big carb producer, potatoes -all lined up and cooked in a nice fancy sauce. Sure doesn't sound any different from the pot roast I normally fix for family dinners so what is there about this recipe then that makes it okay for someone on a diabetic-type diet anyway?

And of course, my main problem is that I love casseroles and I dearly love Pastas -any kind! And pastas -well, those of course are to be avoided at all costs. Now, if I can't fix those for the grandkids (and me) what the heck are the kiddos gonna eat anyway? Salads are not even on their particular food radar ya know!

Oh well, I suppose I'll figure out a way to muddle through this some way, some how but why do these things have to have a major affect of my diet anyway?

Between the staff at the clinic having me scheduled for all my visits at an early hour in the morning -8:30-9 am. -and now, the medical professionals are coming after me by my food intake, I swear, these people are trying to kill me!


Marguerite said...

The bread, candy, and baked goods at the Bazzar look so good. I'm sorry you can't eat your favorite foods right now. I know that's got to be tough, but it's only temporary, right? Hang in there, cher! You're in my thoughts and prayers and I think you're handling everything really well!

Maggie May said...

Really sorry that you have had that fall & busted your glasses. That is all you need.
My chemo did affect the feeling in my hands & feet & I was more inclined to trip & drop things, so do be careful. I think you are doing very well. You are getting out & about & looking after your grandchildren and facing up to your loss. I do admire your pluck.
That is beastly not being able to eat the foods you want.
I gained weight while having chemo & haven't managed to lose it. I am still craving certain foods. It must be comfort eating (I think.)
Take care,
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Than table of goodies looks good!

TechnoBabe said...

Jeni, your stumble and fall was awful. Thank goodness you were able to get the lens into the frame and glue it well enough to get you through for now. Stuff just keeps happening, doesn't it? Oh, that is life though, isn't it? You are made of such strong stuff that you keep amazing me.

terri said...

So sorry to hear about your fall, and I'm glad that you came through it with minimal injuries. With all that you've had going on lately, it's no wonder you lose your equilibrium sometimes.

Sandee said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your cousin honey. Always a tough thing.

I hope you can eat the things you love soon. You are always in my prayers even if I've not been around as much. Busy time of year.

Have a terrific weekend. Big hug from California. :)

Linda said...

My problem isn't so much remembering all of the ideas I have for blog posts but finding the time to do them! If I could just "think" a blog post and it was done that would be fantastic but alas, neither Blogger nor anyone else has come up with that technology yet!

Thank goodness you weren't hurt worse in your fall! Your glasses are much easier to fix than bones and other things - even though it's a pain that they broke, too.

The bazaar looks yummy! I'm sure that trying to eat properly is even more difficult during this "eating season" that happens between Halloween and New Year's. I'll send you lots of thoughts of willpower (though truth be told, they've never done me any good as I fold like a house of cards when I catch the smell of something delicious!)

Anonymous said...

I am sooo glad you're okay.. That fall sounds a little more serious than what you've written.. You are always in my prayers Jeni.
The baked goods look so yummy.. I'm glad you guys were able to make money for such a worthy cause.
We all thank you for that!