Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Traveling Around

If you recall, a short while back, I did -I think - two posts about how I'd like to travel to this place or another, see the sights that are noted for the various places along with having a chance to visit friends and family who live in some of those far reaches.

As my son would say "At this juncture" no travel plans are in my immediate future with the exception of a quick trip for some groceries up to the local store in Kylertown tomorrow, then tomorrow evening, Mandy and I are planning to attend a conference at Penn State University on Autism. Maybe next week, we'll do a run to Walmart for a fairly large stocking up of the shelves The local store I try to visit on Wednesdays because that day is their "Senior Citizen Discount Day" and I get a big old five percent off my total (cigarettes, unfortunately are excluded -RATS!). Oh well, the latter little rant there hopefully will come to an end in the near future as I am hoping, planning, intend to STOP. SMOKING. in the very near future. I just haven't got my resolve in order as yet to set a date, have it carved in stone, etc.

As I told the oncologist I had a couple years back, "It's really hard to part company with some damned good old friends!" However, just as some "old friends" can sometimes be not actually the best friends a person should have, that's how the nicotine is for me. I know all the bad stuff about the smoking. I've known it was not a healthy thing to keep on my list of "things I have to do daily/hourly/every time I turn around!" I know all that and yet, I do believe it really is true that breaking the nicotine habit is right up there on the level of difficulty as is coming off heroin. (I read that someplace, just don't remember now where I read that.)

But yesterday, my cousin -the little "red-head" down in Alabama, made mention to me in her e-mail about my having been thinking about doing some traveling and she remnded me -in her own inimitable style -that if/when I do get off my fat fanny and start moving around -actually leaving the county (Note: I did say county as opposed to the country -I do stay pretty close to the home front, ya know.) that I had best be including some time to stop by her place outside of Birmingham so she and B-man (her husband) can take me around and show me the sights in their neck of the woods.

All of which got me to thinking again about taking a trip or two -or who knows, maybe ten or twenty! If you're gonna dream about something, might as well make it big, don't 'cha think?

If I ever to manage to pull off some kind of travel/vacation, etc.,. it's gonna take me a little while -like several months, maybe even a year or two - to come up with the funds to finance such a venture. And funds -well, they're often a bit difficult to come by any extra stuff in that department.

But then today, I stumbled across something that boy, would really be a help, fit right into my ideas, I thought when I came across this - free stay at hotel!
That would be a really big help in trying to fund my potential vacation plans, for sure.

Sadly, there's a little catch to it for my being able to utilize this idea. A prize to whoever figures out what that little catch 22 might be!

But that's okay. I'll keep on looking, keep dreaming too of a day sometime while I can still see, hear, walk, and also, think -semi-rationally anyway of driving through areas I've never seen before, catching up with relatives along the way that I haven't visited with in many years, and end up, enjoying the company of Cousin Red and her excellent pastry chef extraordinaire husband, the B-Man!

It could happen, ya know. (I am a firm believer in that line by comedienne, Judy Tenuto - "It could happen. It could happen!")

Who knows, I might win the lottery and go buy that big old RV I've always said I'd purchase if that ever happened too!

Then, I could extend my travel route and time and maybe even stop by and visit YOU too!


Hammer said...

I get time share folks offering me free trips all the time..I can't stand high pressure sales so I give the card to my inlaws who are more than happy to sit through a 3 hour spiel and take their free stuff.

I like to go to new places but the catch is my wife is afraid of bridges so I have to drive the whole time :D

Dr.John said...

If I win the Publisher's Clearing House thing I'll send you some money so you could come and visit us.
It could happen. It could.

Natalie said...

Unfortunately nobody is traveling right now. But if you do make it outside the county, I'm just a few states over!

And good luck quitting smoking. I know your just gearing yourself up for it right now, but I really do hope you can kick the habit sooner rather than later.

Vic Grace said...

I hope you get some traveling in sometime. I am lucky that I was too poor to consider taking up smoking years ago, I have heard it is very challenging to quit, wish you all the best with it.

Smalltown RN said...

Better put me on the list of people to visit...I mean with the motorhome and all....yupper come to the great Northwest...you'd love it....

It's nice to dream and have a plan....I know when things change here financially that I have many places i want to visit....like Texas...yes I have always wanted to visit Texas....I want to go to the East coast to New Foundland and New Brunswick...I love to travel the Alaskan Highway and hike the Chilkoot trail...oh just I have a dream....

Sandi McBride said...

So see Jeni, you get as far as here and stay with us for a few days, then it's a hop skip and a jump to Birmingham...then of course, we're still here on your way back...and Bob's your uncle, your vacation is planned!

Morgan Mandel said...

We'll be going to Wisconsin, the next state over, off and on starting in May, since we have a cottage there. The DH loves fishing. Also, my good friend lives there. Unfortunately, her husband, who was my DH's best friend, passed away unexpectedly almost 2 years ago when we were there on vacation. We all still miss him.

Morgan Mandel

Deb said...

Hi ~ I truly hope that someday you get the big RV and you get to visit all of your friends and family. It is important to set goals and dreams.

Sending you positive energy so that you can quit smoking. I know it is not easy but I also know that you can do it!

Take care.

Anonymous said...

It's important to dream! Dream big! Always! And it could happen. Someday I could get that RV for you. I know I still wouldn't be your favorite child but the hell with that I would do it just to make you smile!