Thursday, March 12, 2009

Loud and Strong -Sing it out, Sing it Long!

A cousin of mine sent this to me today. I'm sure everyone will interpret some of the words in the music differently but overall, I just thought this was a great inspirational message.

It says something that I do think the majority of us believe in here -and it embodies the message of what most people want -a good, decent life here and equality.

That equality doesn't necessarily mean everyone things everyone should earn the same amount of money but at least have a chance to make a decent living, one that allows enough to be able to afford decent housing, healthcare, and a few amenities perhaps along the way.

Well, at least that's my interpretation of the message in the song and I know it's what I want for my family.

Some will say our country has always been there for each of us and that some of this is a socialistic message. Personally, I don't believe everyone who asks for help via food stamps or health care or employment, education and the like are just loads and loads of slackers, begging to have everything handed to them, but just people unable to find a solid piece of ground to crawl up on and get a leg up then to be the best they can.

Check out the website too for this organization and you can -if you care to -add lyrics to this piece, submit a pledge of what you believe you can do, what you want to do in order to make life in these beautiful, wonderful -and also free -United States, the best it can possibly be!

That's the bottom line in this message as I see it -that we ALL of US -need to pull together so everyone can rise up and give their best to keep us the best which is where we ought to be!


Maggie May said...

Well I am not an American but most British people believe that whatever happens in America usually comes to us just a while after.
So that song probably fits us too.
Let's hope good things are in store for both of us!

HalfCrazy said...

That is nice. Inspirational things like this really inspire people to act.

Maddy said...

Anecdotally I've heard that some countries such as Sweden, have a much happier time as they're all more or less in the same band, no super rich [or very few] and no dire poverty, everyone's more or less in the same 'livable' conditions. It's the extremes that make everyone unhappy and dis-satisfied with their lot. For instance I heard on the radio yesterday that people with $200K plus per annum considered themselves 'poor' by comparison with their contemporaries - please!

HalfCrazy said...

Btw, I see you've been posting a lot!