Monday, January 12, 2009

Volume and Control

Ok, starting the week off with a gripe!

Volume and the control of it on the tv set!!!

This is something that really irritates me -a lot!

Am I the only one who has this problem?

Why is it that whenever I am trying to watch -actually pay attention and watch -some program on tv, either the son-in-law decides at that point in time to become talkative or one of the kids will decide now is the best time to let fly with some extra noise or better yet, maybe launch into a full-blown meltdown.

As a general rule, this tends to happen when I am watching "The Office." Which really aggravates me because I can never seem to get the volume control on the tv to pick up the dialogue in such a manner as to be able to hear it to begin with and then, the extra background noise around here then doesn't help things either.

But even more than that, why is it that the volume control varies from station to station too?

Certain shows -such as "The Office" as mentioned above, seem to come through with a very low audio capacity, thus making it really difficult to follow the show at times. Other NBC programming doesn't do that -just that particular program.

But the Hallmark network -now that channel, no matter what program I try to watch there, I have to kick the volume up to full-blast in order to hear it.

And about the time I do that, a commercial comes on and the sound then just about blasts me out of my chair as it comes through VERY LOUD, VERY CLEAR!

And that I find even more annoying that the occasional background noises in the house while I'm trying to watch something.

It takes a lot of fiddling around with this set and the remote to get any adjustments to the volume to register so about the time I get the volume tuned in to where I can hear it fine and dandy, don't you just know it is time then for a commercial and that throws the volume totally out of whack as I scramble for the remote and hurry to try to cut the volume back before it wakes up the whole damned neighborhood and not just anyone here in the house who may have been asleep.

I've been wondering for some time about this problem. Is it just me? Is it just my tv set? Does this kind of stuff happen to other folks too?

Let me know, will ya?

Inquiring minds really want to know about this.


janeywan said...

Not just you.

At mom's house tv always blaring, one can't hear themselves think!

Here at home we use close caption a lot with mute on, if I'm reading I don't have to listen to the noise. If I'm not reading volume is on, but mute when commercials come on, so we can hear each other if talking.

Love the spacing and larger print, thanks, makes it easier to read with these old eyes.

Vic Grace said...

We each have wireless headphones so the TV is on mute but whoever has their headphones on can hear and adjust them to their preference. You can walk around, go to the bathroom, even outside and still hear your show.

For some shows we both like we wear them anyway as the sound is so much clearer, and music is much better than listening the normal way.

They cost about $75 for a wireless gadget and two headphones. Might save your sanity. We have the same problem with the up and down volume and some stations are worse than others.

However our TV cable just bust so my wireless set up is no good anymore until we decide to get the cable fixed. Pity you are not just around the corner I would loan them to you.

Celebration of Life said...

I live alone so when the phone rings I put my tv on mute and more often than not, it stays that way until I remember to turn it off before I go to bed. When I have visitors, I usually don't even turn the tv on unless its American Idol night, then everyone knows not to come over and not to call unless it's an emergency. So, I guess what I am trying to say is, I appreciate other people's voices around, nurture the times we are together and forget about the "boob tube". (Unless it's AI night) Have a lovely week, Jeni!

Keith said...

This happens at our house too. You watch a program and have the volume set right where you want it, and then a commercial comes on and blasts you right out of your chair.

Sweetie said...

I have problems with the volume in the TV set in my bedroom. I'll be interested in a movie and the volume becomes very low. I keep trying to increase the volume but nothing happens. It's a new set and almost like the set in the kitchen but I don't have problems with the set in the kitchen. You figure!!!!

dr sardonicus said...

Basically it's just how the programs are recorded. Whoever is running the sound board at the TV station has a hand in it too; they can make adjustments if they're paying attention. Commercials are recorded louder on purpose. You can guess why.

fermicat said...

The overly loud commercials drive me crazy! It happens all the time. We usually end up muting them, but then we have to be careful not to miss the start of the show coming back.