Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Defrocking Inside, Re-decorating Outside

This past Saturday, Mandy decided that was going to be the day to take the tree down. It was a plan that, for the most part, went fairly well. Only one ornament was destroyed in the defrocking -that one being one that wasn't even on the tree but was still "safely" in its storage spot in the box but apparently, it was an ornament that appealed to Kurtis and he just had to pick it up and fondle it. That is, until it slipped out of his hands, feel to the floor and smashed into a mass of tiny shards just ready to prick into tiny barefeet, ya know!

That part of the de-trimming process landed Kurtis out of range and into the safety zone of his play pen!

The other "big" event of the tree detrimming was that for a time, Chino -the sweet little cat -disappeared. Couldn't find her, she wasn't responding to our calls, etc., and then, lo and behold, I spotted her.

Now, I know you're gonna look at this and say "WTF" -"What is in this black picture?" But really, if you study on it, look really, really close, you can see the object of our attention there.

Ok - here's little bit brighter picture of where Chino was hiding. Actually, she was so snuggled up in the branches and so sound asleep, I think maybe an earthquake could have shook the house and not disturbed her!

Today marked the date that Mandy and I had actively prayed for since oh, the Friday before Christmas. Yes, it was the first day back to school for Miss Maya.

Considering that the weather forecasters on the local tv stations were calling for lots of really crappy weather today and some school districts down in northern Maryland that falls into our local stations viewing range were either closing for today or running on delays, I was a bit worried this morning that the same might be arriving here and stop the return of the kids to school today. However, this morning was nice -cold, but nice -no snow, no ice, no sleet, no freezing rain. Nope, that forecast had all been changed to those conditions due to hit this afternoon!

And yes, they did hit then too -beginning with snowfall -those humungeous and really fluffy snowflakes, coming down rapidly and thickly for about two hours or so. Enough to cover the ground with a light blanket of snow before it switched over to rain and freezing rain, to boot.

Bill came home and quickly showered as he and his buddy, Jason, absolutely had to run over to Clearfield to Bob's Army and Navy Store for some such item. Apparently it was a really high priority run for them too. I know, to get me to go out in the kind of weather, on the crappy roads we had -still have at this hour now too three hours later -it would have had to be something involving lots and lots of pain -or blood -and would have meant heading to the hospital but sure as hell not to "Bob's Army and Navy Store!" Priorities sure do differ between the sexes as well as age groups, don't they?

Here's a couple of pictures taken last night when Mandy gave both the kids a treat -a popsicle! Too cold for my tastebuds to be eating those things now, but they enjoyed 'em, for sure!

Don't you think, with those eyes, Kurtis is going to be a "ladykiller" for sure some time in the not so distant future? His eyes always get me!

And, here's Maya in one of her relatively normal but very smug looking faces! Seeing this look on her face generally is indicative of a bit of attitude about to befall us but last night, she was actually on her good behavior -for the most part anyway!

And finally, a friend of Mandy's posted this video -from YouTube -on her CafeMom place today. Mandy showed it to Kurtis and he went ballistic watching it -laughing like a regular little fool! Later, when Mandy went to show it to me, Kurtis came over and insisted I pick him up and hold him so he could view it all the better -again -then too! Judging by the way he was kicking -along with his laughter -I'm betting my legs will have some really nice, big black and blue marks all over the shin areas! Nice!

I still can't figure out how to put a YouTube video in using the blogger video thingy. So you'll just have to click this on and watch it. But I putting it here mainly for all the cat lovers who stop by and read my blog. You know who you are -Fermicat, Magnetbabe, Minnesota Blue and lots more too!


Now everyone, have a great day ahead -stay warm, stay safe and please keep the crappy weather where it belongs -that being, where you live, not here!



This Eclectic Life said...

Yes, that young 'un has "ladykiller eyes." Sounds like you had some excitement with the missing cat. How funny that it was asleep!

That was a cute video of the cats, too. If you want to put the video on your blog, look on the right side of the video. In the column, you will see "url" with some code beside it and "embed" with some code. Copy the code for "embed," paste it in your post, and it should work. :-)

Morgan Mandel said...

I plan on taking down my decorations today in between blog hopping and doing work on my thriller.

I'll have to check out your video. I've put a few up on my website, but when I do they never seem to leave room for the comment line below,so I use the Youtube link. It's probably best anyway, since you don't have to rely on its being on your computer for the link to still work.

Morgan Mandel

Dianne said...

I always leave my stuff up until what we call 'Little Christmas' - which was yesterday. So today I need a new excuse

love Chino in the tree!!

Debo Blue said...

Psst...you have an award waiting for you at Smalltown RN's! How exciting is that?!

PS-falling snow, cold temperatures? Yeccchh!

PPS-why would anyone take a shower AND go out in cold weather?

terri said...

I'm also one to stay home and refuse to go anywhere when the weather is uncooperative. Not my kids though. They think they're invincible.

Kurtis is definitely going to be a little ladies man. What gorgeous eyes!

Maggie May said...

Lovely photos of your beautiful grandchildren. Mischief brewing no doubt!
Lovely little Chino, another little bundle of mischief!
It is so cold here & murky dark mornings & evenings & slippery. Roll on the Spring!

... Paige said...

This one time, I had a kitty that loved to hide in the tree. but saddly he is no more.

What makes you think we want "your" crappy weather down here?

Happy New year & up comming weekend!

Smalltown RN said...

OH the defrocking....well I finally got mine done on Monday...very late for me...but eldest daughter had some friends stay for the weekend so I wasn't going to ask her to help take them down then. I still can't lift above my head very well so she took down the tree and the garlands and such....hubby moved some of the bigger stuff and actually vaccummed....I did what I could....tom much most probably as I was sore the next day....and yes we too had the odd breakage of ornaments.....

I love the uTube...the kittens...they do the silliest things don't they?

It's finally raining here but it is going to take some time for all this snow to melt....but I am more than ready for it to be gone.....

Cheers my friend...

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

I hate the winter. This cold and snow and ice is getting on my nerves.

I'm going to go look at the video now.

Anonymous said...

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fermicat said...

For a second there, I read "defrocking" and thought you were going to post something naughty! :D The cats always seem to enjoy putting the decorations up and taking them down (sometimes they are a little TOO much help with the latter).

Jocelyn said...

The cat on the waterbed is a hoot!

I always hate the prospect of taking down the tree (okay, I'm a curmudgeon who doesn't even like putting it up...), so I was glad when my husband dove right into it the other day and made it all go away. Except the needles trailing throughout the house still.

Sandi McBride said...

Oh yes, that Kurtis does have the most amazing eyes. And Maya is a little sweetie...I'll bet secretly she was glad to get back to school, lol! Loved the cat video, but then you knew I would...
hope your weekend is a great one!

SnoopMurph said...

Back to school-hope Maya will enjoy the return as much as you and Mandy will! I always hear that parents are happy when school goes back in session. Kurtis is a cutie pie!

A quick thanks for all of your kind and inspired comments on my blog about preschool. Things have a way of working out-I sometimes forget that, but I know they do.

Travis said...

Good thing you found kitty before you put the tree away!