Monday, January 05, 2009

Sweet Relief!

One more day, that's all the longer we have to wait now for some sweet relief here in this house.

What happens in one more day?

Maya goes back to school tomorrow!

Oh and as the late, great Jackie Gleason would say, "How sweet it is!"

Don't get me wrong here when I make that statement. I love, heck I adore my sweet little granddaughter! Do I ever!

But two weeks of her home every single day, finding more and more things to get into, antagonizing her brother at every opportunity possible and being unable to keep her entertained with structured activity during that time -all the time -it is a struggle at times then for both Mandy and I to maintain our sanity levels!

This is not to say that sometimes even when she has school or just a weekend that she doesn't have meltdowns then, doesn't antagonize little Kurtis -or me or her parents. She does. She is quite good at that quite often.

But being away from the routine she knows and yes, she enjoys very much too of her classroom activities, leaves one heck of a void for us to fill.

Add to that the added stress that comes from Christmas itself -the gifts, Santa, other things like jealousy factors with her brother and boy, there is a recipe for pandemonium at times if ever I saw one!

Here's a perfect example of how something really innocent can blow up in your face, go really wrong.

This year, Mandy, my older daughter and Bill's sister, Kathy, decided that rather than each of them buy gifts for every child within the family they would draw names of the kids and then, only have to buy a gift from each child for the person who's name was drawn.

Now that sounds like a reasonable idea, doesn't it? Cuts back a tad on expenses, on confusion too when it comes time for gift exchanges, etc.

So what could be wrong with that?

Well, because Kathy wasn't able to get down to our house on Christmas Eve and neither was my older daughter and her son, when the three older kids were here then, there were some packages missing then.

Yesterday, Bill had to take some stuff up to his sister's house and in doing so, she then gave him the two packages she had there -one for his middle daughter, Sierra and the other was for little Kurtis. Now, Christmas Eve, Sierra is old enough to understand that her Aunt Kathy had her name and wasn't able to be with us and Kurtis -well he's too little to know that a present for him was missing so it wasn't -or didn't seem like it was a problem at that time.

However, yesterday when Bill came home with those two missing presents and Maya saw that her brother had a present for Christmas but she didn't, all Hell broke loose!

You try to explain how this was supposed to operate -but didn't -to a five-year-old who doesn't always comprehend every single thing around her!

She went into a meltdown that was like the Great-granddaddy of meltdowns! Crying, screaming, kicking -a tantrum and a half as she kept asking where her present was!

Of course, there were added factors too that played into this scenario -mainly that she had been out yesterday afternoon and spent the bulk of the afternoon with her Pappy -Bill's Dad -and was tired -very tired. She doesn't always recognize that when she gets over extended, over-tired like that, it is almost a guarantee of impending disaster.

Finally, after listening to her, and also, fighting with her to behave, with no good response coming forth, she was told she had to get her jammies on and go to bed.

That was not welcomed by her either and she launched into more of a tirade.

Bill carried her upstairs to her room and said later, he had to virtually sit on her for a bit to get her to stop thrashing about, kicking, screaming, etc.

Then, about a half hour later, she called down requesting a drink and came downstairs and you'd never have known it was the same child!

She was just about as close to being angelic as is possible for any five-year-old to be!

Funny how those meltdowns generally do work that way though.

As long as one can ride out the storm without totally going berserk along with her, all usually ends quite well!

At least, last night it did anyway!

A little side note here too referencing back to my post on New Year's Day when I told you about the gentleman who used to live here -about five doors down from my home until about 1937 when his family moved away from here. If you recall, Arnie had e-mailed me and told me he reads my blog and enjoys it. He'd also said in his e-mail how much he remembers my Mom, my Grandparents, my youngest aunt too and his memories of them really tugged at my heart.

And so many of my readers had commented on that post -a couple even just e-mailed me telling me how neat it was that I had "met" Arnie in this manner and to keep telling folks about him and others from my past, from my village's past too -that you, my readers, enjoy reading posts about things like that.

So, yes -whenever I can -I will do posts along those lines.

And today I am happy to say that I got an e-mail yesterday -again, from Arnie -in which he thanked me for his new found celebrity status!

I'm most happy to do that Arnie -to let the world-wide web know how you found me, e-mailed me and how great it made me feel to read that initial e-mail too!

Sometime in the future, hopefully I will figure out a way to introduce my readers to many others from my hometown. To give a little recognition to those who had a finger in my upbringing -directly and indirectly.

Granted some of those stories will only be of actual interest to anyone reading my blog who knows me or knows this little village where I live but hopefully, it will be a window into my little piece of the world and maybe even explain a bit of who I am and why, as well!

We'll just have to take a wait and see as to how that all shakes out now, won't we?

Have a great day today and please stay warm -especially those of you from up in the cold, cold of Minnesota where, according to the early morning news today, it was a very brisk minus 13 degrees below zero! BRRRR!

So bundle up -Terri, Pat and Laura -as you go about whatever it is you have to do today!


Sandi McBride said...

I know that feeling of when they go back to school...but sometimes I'd give an awful lot to have the actuality of it in my own home...hugs to Maya...
hugs to you

Smalltown RN said...

OH poor Maya....what a difficult concept to try and understand. I think the picking name is awesome...gosh we have done that in my family for many years...with 11 sibls it makes it very difficult..and for years we use to buy for the nieces and nephews..but that had to change.....

Yes if Maya doesn't recognize she is getting tired and pushes herself beyond that it can be very challenging.....

As for school breaks...I too think the children get far to long of breaks...I have never thought they should get the 2 months in the summer either....reason for that use to be that the children would help bring in the crops from the fields during harvest...but that is not the case anymore.....when my brother and his wife who is a teacher were in Wales this past year where she was teaching...he was telling me all about their travels....I asked home they got so much time....he said that was because every six weeks they get a small break...and during those breaks they would travel....but you see they didn't get summer breaks like we do....I think a week is good...but anything past that kids start to get out of the routines of getting up..the responsibility of homework....and the likes.....

Anyhow I have rambled here....I have a little something for you at my blog.....funny when I look at your sidebar I see something that resembles what is waiting for you at my blog.....gosh life is'll see what I mean....

Vic Grace said...

Great idea for gifts but a big concept for Maya. I can understand the need for peace after the Christmas rush. You won't know yourself for a few days will you.

Dianne said...

Yay!! for school :)

get some quiet ;)

Mary said...


I can see that Maya being out of her structured enviornment would be a little difficult to handle. Brandon used to be the same way and still can be at times. Children with autism need structure and he gets bored easily. When he was young it was so much worse. We dreaded holidays, but I do think the kids need the break.

I look forward to your posts on your hometown and the people who had a hand in your upbringing. Please drop by for a visit when you have a few moments. I've been sick over the holidays and am just now beginning to feel more like myself.


Morgan Mandel said...

I have no children, but I can relate. I love my husband, but I also enjoy my quiet time on Wednesday when he's off to work and I have my day off to do as I please - I usually spend it writing and the day's gone!

Morgan Mandel

Celebration of Life said...

Grand daughters/melt downs go hand in hand. I can completely empathize with you. Grand kids are great to have come visit and just as great to send home! ;o)

Suldog said...

Stay warm! It's going to be snowy and cold here in the Boston area tonight and tomorrow, too.

Somewhat off the topic, but you mentioned him: Jackie Gleason! I just watched a marathon of "Honeymooners" episodes over New Year's. What great laughs! A true giant of comedy.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

A five year old in a tantrum is a lot to deal with.

Sweetie said...

I really enjoyed your post. I have been to presentations on autism and my daughter works in an autistic classroom. I understand that no two children with autism are like. I hope that you can find time to relax and pamper yourself.

Sweetie said...

We are experiencing the ice now. Our schools were dismissed early and will begin late or may be closed tomorrow. Please stop over for a visit. I have something for you.