Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food Fight Night

It's been quite a day -and night -here! From birthday presents and cards before breakfast ending tonight with cake and ice cream for the birthday girl! There was a lot going on today and Maya loved every minute of it and being the center of attention -well, right up her alley!

Here's a little video of Maya, right after everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she got her "smacks" -one for each year and the traditional, one to grow on too. Yes, she was laughing the whole time Mommy and Daddy were doing this to her.

She did get plenty of presents - some new tops with matching (or coordinated) slacks, a new knit dress with long sleeves from Grammy, coloring books, paints, makeup, a little silver heart keepsake for on her dresser from Uncle Clate, a few other things, money and of course, the little tv set with the dvd player in it for in her bedroom too. (My son got the other tv set like Maya's set up tonight in my room so she fell asleep tonight watching the dvd that Mommy brought home for her "sumprise" Thursday night for her big achievement then.

But I think the highlight tonight -after Maya's cake and presents, had to be Kurtis, who ate his piece of cake as well as a helping of ice cream to go with it and then, reached over and took the cake Maya had been eating (actually she was only interested in the icing and had slicked most of it off her piece of cake) and pulled her plate over in front of him where he then proceeded to eat a goodly part of the cake before he then started to crumb the cake all over the table, all over himself and ended by throwing crumbs as well as chunks of cake at times, all over the table, the floor and even got in a few good pitches across the table, landing on me, in my hair, on my sweater -you name it, I was trimmed with chocolate cake!

As much as this kid likes sweets though -cake, cookies, ice cream, etc. -I think we might have to go in search for a good dentist at this rate for him. Hopefully, we won't have to go this far, but who knows, we might have to get a Washington DC dentist to work on his teeth after ingesting so many sweets.

Anything is possible, ya know!

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Keith said...

Thanks for sahring the videos. It's nice to put voices to your stories. What a lovely family.