Saturday, October 25, 2008

Changing Designs

A while back, Mandy decided she needed to re-do the bathroom. Not remodel it -as she and the son-in-law sure as heck don't have the funds needed for that, plus it had just been remodeled oh, about 16 years ago and it doesn't really need new fixtures, or a total revamping but she wanted to change the look with new floor tile and repainting.

She found some tile that is a bit off the beaten path you might say. It is mottled colors of browns, tans and little gold, a little green -sort of in a splash, then swirled look. Finding a paint color that she liked and which would accent nicely to the tile was a bit tough but eventually, she settled on a shade of green that is sort of a cross between a pale mint and a pale sea green shade. At first, I didn't know how the paint would look with the floor tile colors but surprisingly enough, once the room was all painted, it looks pretty darned nice.
This is a not too hot photo of the floor tile and the paint color but it does give a little idea of how the two do look against each other. Try to ignore the clothes someone had tossed in the corner though, will ya?

Anyway, before painting and putting new tile down, there was the job of ripping up the old tile and preparing the walls. What a mess that was! Especially when they took off the mopboards and discovered a little extra work would be needed before they could get to making the room look nice again. Seems with all the dampness created in the bathroom we had acquired an added problem -called mold!

So Mandy had to prepare the walls, scrubbing them down with some kind of stuff to not just clean the walls but to work as a mold killer too. Needless to say, it was a long, very drawn out process to get everything prepped and ready but it's done now. Thankfully.

We got some bath rugs last week in an ecru shade. Not exactly what we really wanted but it was the closest shade we could find in some rugs that were relatively affordable for the time being anyway.

Now, the wait (and watch too) is on to see how long it will take before Maya decides the walls are too bare and need a bit of her own special art work on them! I'd have to say considering all the work her Mother put into cleaning, painting, putting down the new tile and all, if Maya wants to live to see tomorrow, she best think twice before putting a crayon or pen to these walls!


Shrinky said...

Your daughter sounds to deserve a medal for all that hard work, bet she feels a real sense of achievement now though, huh?

We had such a lucky roll when we decided to pull up the carpeting (yeah, CARPETING, in a bathroom, can you believe it?) the predecessors left us in our new home. The floorboards were rotted, and this being an en-suite, the bedroom and dressing room floors were equally as bad. Long story short, it was an insurance job - not only did we get oak flooring throughout, we were also able to claim a new bathroom suite, tiles, fitted wardrobes and a complete redecorate throughout. Can't think why the insurance company didn't seem to want to renew our policy the year after (smile).

Palm Springs Savant said...

My sister-in-law just repainted their place...the neices are at that stage where the walls have taken a beating!

Linda said...

Isn't it always the way that when you start what you hope is going to be a simple project that there's always something else that pops up unexpectedly - like mold in this case? Sheesh! Nothing is ever easy, is it?

Looks like Mandi did a great job, though! I bought some new paint for my bathroom years ago (I think back in 2005 actually) and still haven't even gotten to just painting the walls never mind anything else! Maybe one of these days ... maybe!

Dianne said...

I have been holding off doing anything with the carpet in the basement - I live in fear of what I might unearth ;)

I remember Maya's art work!! on the staircase was it?

Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser really does work - just in case :)

terri said...

Love the tile! It's always nice to put a fresh face on a room. I hope Maya doesn't decide that the walls are her canvas!

Mary said...


Mandy did a great job with the bathroom. The tile is very similar to what is in my daughter's kitchen. Her walls are done in an earth brown shade and goes with it very well, but would be too dark for a bathroom.

If you have a chance, please drop by and join in the card shower I'm having for a deployed female soldier. She is very young and this will be her first time away from family during the holidays. There is also a giveaway attached.

Take care. I'm going to do some catch up now. How are you and how are the kids?


Paula said...

Mandy did a great job picking out that tile. I really like it! Such a good feeling to have all that hard work look so nice! Glad they found and tackled that mold. We've got some coming through on our bathroom ceiling that we think has been there for eons. I think we're going to have to replace the sheetrock because it's so deep.

fermicat said...

That tile is gorgeous!