Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Big 'Sumprise'

WOO HOO! Things are really rockin' here in this old house tonight! We're celebrating big time and Maya is going to be receiving a big "sumprise" too later tonight when her Mommy gets back home from her Support Group Meeting!

The event we've been working so hard to get to come to pass finally was met and the obstacles overcome as Maya, TONIGHT, finally managed to do what had been seeming to be the impossible and I betcha by now, considering how many times I've posted about this in the past couple of weeks and months, by now you know what I'm referring to, don't 'cha?

YEP! Finally! She met the enemy and conquered it too! Not that there wasn't a whole lot of weeping, screaming and gnashing of teeth in the interim but finally, we caught her at just the right moment in time, escorted her back to the bathroom and after about fifteen minutes of the crying/screaming at her Dad and another half hour or so of his sitting with her, patiently talking to her, she managed to place that special present in the receptacle where it belongs -in the commode!

When she came back into the living room, with Daddy close behind her, she was smiling, just ear to ear! Really proud! And Daddy said then he had to call Mommy at her meeting. So when he got Mandy on the phone and handed the phone to Maya to tell Mommy what she'd done, the first thing she said to her was "You better bring me home a 'sumprise' now!" Yeah, Mandy has been bribing her that as soon as she pooped in the potty, Mommy would get her a 'sumprise.' So Mandy asked her what she wanted and her response was "A Bratz video." Which really didn't come as all that big a surprise to the rest of us for her to ask for that though as her 'sumprise.'

After that, there were phone calls for Maya from Mommy's friend, "Jen-Jen" who Maya loves to go and stay overnight at her house with her girls, Gabby and Emily. Then Aunt Carrie called and finally, "Poppy" even called from Nevada to congratulate Miss Maya on this most awesome of achievements! Yep, good news really does travel pretty darned fast around these hills you could say!

And here's Maya then, celebrating her biggest feat to date! Can we have a big round of applause here, please?

Just in time too for an added reason to celebrate on Saturday -her FIFTH birthday!


SnoopMurph said...

A very happy birthday to Maya-Five is such a great age and I hope she enjoys all the celebrating that goes with it!

Keith said...

That is a huge accomplishment for Maya. Good job kiddo!

may you have a blessed and wonderful day on the day that you celebrate your birth. You are beautiful and bring cheerfulness and love to your family I am sure. Happy Birthday Maya!

Sandi McBride said...

Wonderful wonderful news! On all fronts, lol...great job Maya...

Jo said...

Here's an article in the NY Times about autistic teenagers:

Hope all is well in Central PA!

-Billie Jo

Jo said...

Ok, this is the last time I try this. Already tried to leave a comment twice!

Here is an article in the NY Times about autistic teenagers. Thought you and Amanda may be interested in checking it out. It is pretty long.

Hope all is well in Central PA!

-Billie Jo

Dianne said...

Happy Five and High Five Maya!!!

terri said...

Way to go, Maya! (clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!) And a very happy 5th birthday too!

fermicat said...

Hooray! A milestone reached. Great job, Maya.

Vic Grace said...

Congratulations all round, for the achievement and for the patience and coaching from the big people.

Travis said...

Happy Birthday to Maya! She's a real big girl now!