Saturday, September 30, 2006

Weather Related Woes? Maybe.

Weather Related Woes? Maybe.

It's been a kind of mixed-up, rather yucky day today.

I had an appointment this morning in Clearfield to have a PET/CT scan done. The appointment was for 10:30 but they tell you when they call and get your preliminary registration information that you are to report in an hour prior to the appointment time so that meant I had to be there at 9:30 for my scheduled slot

I did that. Well, maybe I might have been five minutes late but now more so.

When I left the house, it was kind of grey, started to sprinkle a bit off and on as I was heading onto the interstate and by the time I got to the hospital parking lot, it was sprinkling a bit harder. Necessitated putting the wipers on, using the intermittant cycle.

I went to the registration desk and checked in and then seated myself in the waiting room. Normally, there is usually maybe a 10-15 minute wait till you get called for this particular test but this morning, I had time to look through one complete magazine and no one had come for me.

Finally, a little old lady seated directly across from me was called and after she left, I asked the people who were obviously with her if she was there for a PET scan too and they said yes - that her appointment had been for 9:15 and by that time, it was already 10:20 or so.

Knowing they were running that far behind in their schedule - and also, how long it takes to give you the prep dye and then administer the test, I knew then there was no way I could have one done and get out of there in time to be back to the house by 12:30 so I went to the registration desk to tell the girl there I was going to have to leave.

I explained to her how long I'd been there, what time my appointment was supposed to be, etc., and she looks at me and says "So, are you going to wait?" DUH! That's what I'm trying to tell you ding-dong - I gots to go! Took a little more explaining on my part but finally she got the picture that I was leaving. What a yutz!

So, I get home and I'm tired - didn't sleep much or very well last night. Took yet another lovely lortab pain pill as the pains in my right side still haven't subsided very much. All those pills really have done for me all day today is make me a little more groggy - haven't done very much in quelling any pains, that much is for sure!

But, while I was then feeling very sluggish, tired, downright sleepy pretty much all day, apparently those issues within me passed over to the computer too because for about 6-7 hours, there was virtually no activity whatsoever on my e-mail!

This is really a shock to the system because the one group I joined about 2 weeks or so back now - "Thewriterslife" on Yahoo is usually one extremely active - downright lively discussion group. Granted, sometimes I get a little tired of the one-line posts that upteen folks there seem impelled to put up on the boards to everyone when a lot of those messages really would be better served if they went to the person directly - but, well that's another issue for another time I think -but I found myself feeling really lonely, no one talking about anything to me, to the group or to one or two other people within the group all afternoon and things didn't start to flow again until about 8:30 tonight! I don't think all the messages that had been posted between early this morning and the current time have all even come through as yet so maybe it was the lousy, rainy, really chilly weather today and it permeated everything - not just my old creaky joints and bones!

But, on the upbeat side of things, Penn State did beat Nortwestern today! YEAAAAA! WE ARE! Better believe it folks, that "WE ARE" and I am most definitely, Penn State, all the way!

Here's to sunny days and warmer weather ahead!

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