Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Frustration Abounding!

Ok, I know I am not computer literate - not in the full sense of that term anyway - and blogging is something extremely new to me, but trying to figure out how to set up a column of links is driving me absolutely bonkers. And trying to figure out how to get help from Blogger or Blogspot or whatever the heck is in command here, is also beyond my abilities too, apparently.

You would think - if blogging and creating one of these things is so dang-blasted easy as the initial setup area leads one to believe, that there would be a set of instructions, written in plain English (not computerese) for dummies like me to follow and be able to do these things, wouldn't you?

Heck, I can't even log into the group forum, can't set up an account there, cause the spaces where I am supposed to enter information - like my e-mail address, user name or password - whatever - none of them will work! I type and nothing appears. WTF?

I requested to have my blog listed on another blog for a group I joined and was told it would/could be added but I would have to link to that blog on my blog. Ok, I thought, I should be able to do that, huh? Nope! No can do it!

The few instructions or answers about "linking" that I found don't match up at all with what appears on my screen, for openers, in the template area. I can't find diddly-squat that refers to "sidebar", to the google news or EDITME things! Where the dickens are these things located anyway?

If anyone out there reads this posting of mine and knows any answers to my questions, please e-mail me - jenniferertmer@peoplepc.com. I'll be forever grateful and will remember you in my will if you - anyone - can explain any of this stuff to me.

Meanwhile, I'm just hanging in there, making a few postings here and there to keep it growing I guess you could say.

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