Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Waiting For The Phone To Ring.

Waiting For The Phone To Ring

Boy, that's something I really hate!

Sitting and waiting and waiting and WAITING some more for the phone to ring. Not that you're waiting for just anyone to call but when you are waiting to hear from someone with really important information. That's what I'm doing today! (And was doing yesterday too for that matter!)

I'm waiting for a call from the doctor's office in Pittsburgh as to what time my appointment this coming Friday has been scheduled for - or is it not going to take place this Friday after all, maybe?

I'm supposed to have a procedure - signmoiscope, I believe is the term, plus yet another ct scan and followed up with another consultation with the surgeon I saw last week in which, to my understanding, he will then make a determination as to how soon I will be fortunate enough to get scheduled for surgery!

Not that I am all that happy about pending abdominal surgery but if it will get rid of a lot of the issues I have been dealing with for roughly the past year or so, then bring it on and the sooner the better!

I'm also more than a little nervous about this coming trip to the 'Burgh too since I will have to drink a couple bottles of high-test intestinal house cleaning fluids (laxatives) and then, try to ride to Pittsburgh - a 3 hour trip - with all that junk floating about and going to work on my system. Don't doctor's know there is no such thing as a bathroom installed every 5 miles along the route from my house to his place of employment? What's a body to do then?

Get in the car, ride and pray, I suppose!

Plus, I have no idea what time my dear daughter, who will be my chauffeur for this jaunt, will arrive here to pick me up for the trip. THe initial plan was to see if we could get a room THursday nite at the Family Center at Univ. Pitt Med Ctr (reasonable rates and right next door to the hospital) so I could take my plumbing cleaner and have some peace of mind and also get some rest afterwards too. But, she has to work till 4 or 5 p.m. tomorrow, then for her to go home, get ready to come get me - it's an hour's drive from her place to mine too - plus, she tends to be slow a molasses in January too - who knows what time we would get out of here and actually get moving then as well!

Now you understand my quandry - I hope!

Time for me to go make coffee and indulge my thoughts over a cup of Joe and some more nicotine.

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