Thursday, September 04, 2014

Late Summer Heat!

Hasn't this been quite the year though with respect to the weather?

Winter showed us brutally low temperatures -actually sub-zero temps of at least -18 below zero and lower than that too some days -for three solid weeks! In my entire life, I have no recollection of ever having endured that much cold weather for that long a period of time! Just incredibly cold and all I could do was pretty much just stay inside as much as possible and watch my fuel gauge on the oil tanks rapidly depleting along with my checkbook balance in that process.

It seemed to take forever for spring to arrive and even longer for summer to get here too then. It's almost like summer arrive and decided to leave as quickly as it got here as all too often there was a big chill to the air.

But now, here it is heading quickly into being autumn and although I think it's too early to refer to the warmth present today -and the last couple of days here too -as being Indian Summer, I could deal nicely with more fall-like temperatures.

Just thinking here -a little off-base I know but sometimes that's how my mind works -if something like this if we can buyheatshrink's label printers then maybe someone, somewhere, can figure out a way to shrink humidity and heat levels to a more comfortable level for us then?

Hey -it's a thought and I already warned you a long time ago that my mind does tend to work in weird ways at times, ya know!


Kat said...

You could send some of that heat to us too! Maybe you could come up with a way to shrink the heat, stick it in an envelope, and then mail it to me.
Our winter was horridly cold and our summer was a disappointed cool as well. No swimming for us. Boo.

Gene Bach said...

I love fall, it's my favorite time of the year. I wish it was fall all year.