Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kitten's Play!

I really do wish I had my photo files available right now so I could dig through some recent pictures I have there of the little kitten that now resides with us.Unfortunately, the guy who is taking all the stuff I had on my old computer hasn't finished removing files and all my photos -about 11,000 of 'em according to him -are still in the process of getting saved to a cd or dvd for me to then have access to them again.

Earlier today though -oh,about 5 p.m. - I don't think I'd have been all to willing to even write about this kitten, much less post a picture of her on here!

She had just made it onto my S*** list and I wasn't really happy with her and definitely not thinking about writing anything the least bit warm and friendly here about her!

She is -or she sure can be -one little hellion of a kitten!I would have said that about her then and I'd still say that about her now. Devilish, she is -for sure!

She's solid black and about 10-12 weeks old now and she's not going to grow to be a large cat, judging by her size and build at this stage and age.The fact she is a short haired cat too makes her look even smaller.

But don't be fooled by her size as she can turn in two shakes of a lamb's tail into a ferocious little scamp, for sure.

If you don't think that's possible, I wish you could have seen the bloody mess I had to clean up this evening after she decided to attack my ankle!

Those little claws of hers are mighty darned sharp and when she wraps her front paws around my ankle and then sinks those claws in, let me just say this,it really is pretty darned painful!

When she did that to me today, I just so happened to be talking on the phone to my neighbor and best friend so, without looking down at the kitten, I just reached down to get hold of her and off my ankle and leg!

It wasn't until I hung up the phone that I glanced down and realized how deeply she had apparently put her claws into my leg because there was blood running down my leg, across my foot and several blobs of blood in various spots on the floor from her shenanigans!

I ended up having to scrub up all the "Spilled blood" on the floor, washing down my leg and foot and even scrubbing out the inside of the flipflop I had on that foot where a whole lot of blood had dribbled down and into!

Before this happened, I had been about ready to leave the house to drive down to my older daughter's place which is about 45 miles from here. But cleaning all this messy stuff up, put a major dent into my timetable and I sent daughter a note that I was going to be later than I had anticipated due to a cat attack from the black flash!

That message caused my daughter to the phone me and ask what happened and after I told her, she got very worried, giving me orders to make sure to clean the areas where Fica (the kitten's name) had scratched me up and put some disinfectant on the marks, etc. "Be very cautious with this Mom, because you can easily get an infection from wounds like that!"

Yes, Carrie, I already knew that and told her I planned to wash it all thoroughly and then pour some alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on the areas and then, apply some anti-bacterial ointment I have as well as a couple bandaids too, just to keep it clean that way.

The amount of blood she drew from me though really surprised me until I realized, as I was cleaning up my leg, that she had managed to hit one of the varicose veins in my lower leg -right square in the middle and that explained to me then why I had been bleeding almost like a stuck pig!

She's a lucky little kitten though that I do love the little monkey! She's cute and yes, very playful much of the time and who can really get totally angry and upset with a cute little kitten just being what she is -a kitten!

But I think perhaps I will start wearing slacks and jeans more frequently now and it won't be just because the temps are dropping more and more with each passing day now but also,so she won't have quite as much of a chance of turning my feet and legs into mincemeat!

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