Sunday, December 06, 2009

Wanted: Jet Plane


What started out looking to be a "nice" day, seems to be deteriorating quickly. Or maybe it is that it is fading out from nice to nasty slowly and has me doing a bit of a slow burn in the process. At any rate, I'm just getting a tad more rankled as the day goes on.

Mandy remembered last night to set the alarm so as to wake me up at a time that would give me adequate prep time to get to church today. (I have no alarm clock in my room and truth be told, have no place were I could even find the room -or plug -to have one there, so I have to depend on her to wake me up when I need to be up and about earlier than my usual rising time -which is generally any time after 9 a.m.)

So, I made it to church, then to the store to get the Sunday paper, milk and a nice cut of beef to cook for supper.

Came home and took one look at the living room and got the bad vibes that things weren't going to be fun here today.

My first -and only - clue to that was the fact the SIL was camped on the couch, semi-conscious, and that is generally not a good sign. If he's awake, sitting up, holding that infernal cup of coffee that he takes only two, maybe sips out of and then just sits there, staring straight ahead -at nothing - at least that pose sometimes has potential that he will move around -eventually. But when he is in a prone position, that generally is indicative that he has generated a headache for himself and any thoughts of his rousing enough to do ANYTHING are pretty much null and void.

It's now five hours since I got home from church and he's still pretty much in that same position.

Mandy and Maya left about 12:30 to go down to Bellefonte, taking the two orange, male kittens down to meet up with a lady who found Mandy via Craig's List and who wants those two brothers to come live with her. Yippee Skippy! I'm impressed with that! Another lady has called and made reservations in advance now to meet either Mandy or me on the 15h of the month and deliver to her the little grey calico fuzzball kitten which then just leaves us with the other fuzzball -the orange and white male -and quite the handsome little dude he is too! He's the one of the kittens who made up first with Sammy and now, they are quite the twosome! Even sleep together, they do!

We got a coating of snow on the ground yesterday and it's been cold enough last night and today too that none of that skiff has even thought about melting. It does make the area look pretty though, gotta admit that much in favor of the snow. And, the fact that it isn't so much that it has to be shoveled is an added bonus too!

However, all the nice things I just mentioned aside, my mood is such that I'd like to fly the coop and thoughts of some nice Miami Beach hotels or just about any place really, as long as it is a good ways away from here and from the slug on the sofa, ya know!

My theory on this whole situation is if he feels that crappy and is edgy over things that really are relatively normal things -a 3-year-old who makes a little noise now and then, a young dog and a kitten who like to play and skitter around the room, the telephone ringing from people who want to talk to him -and any other miniscule thing that makes what he considers to be an unwanted sound or movement -then get thy hiney upstairs and crash in your bed, fella!

The only time he has moved off the sofa has been when the dog has moved -and it has made no difference if his movement was quiet or noisy -but what it has caused "el sluggo" to rise up, grab at the poor dog and shove him aside with a few choice curse words directed at poor little Sammy in the process.

The other strange thing about this recurring illness here is that every time his older son is here for a weekend, it is inevitable that on Sunday, the SIL will be sick, to sick to move, for the duration of the time the boy is here! Makes for a really enjoyable visit with his Dad, don't 'cha know?

Of course, I confess too that I am still a bit ticked off at him for yesterday and his actions of that day too. Deer season is in full swing here ya know so yesterday, he and the boy went hunting with a bunch of friends of the SIL's.

Hunters, for those who don't know diddly squat about that subject, are supposed to be out of the woods by dark and dark falls now around 5-5:30 p.m. so I had supper cooked, ready to serve by 6 p.m. I figured since where they were hunting is about 6-8 miles from the house, if they got out of the woods by 5 p.m. and said their goodbyes, etc., that still gave them plenty of time by which to be home by 6, or even 6:30 at the latest,.

However, it was about 8:15 before they arrived home. And there were no courtesy phone calls to the house to let me know they were okay, no one accidentally shot or lost in the woods or no deer that they were busy butchering either. Just saying that it might have been nice to have a little idea WHEN they would be arriving back at the olde homestead, ya see.

He did note that I had this casserole sitting on the counter and made a comment that it looked good and all. I muttered something to the effect that it had looked a lot better though at 6 p.m!

That comment did elicit a bit of an explanation from him that by the time they ALL got out of the woods and had to stand around and b.s. a bit, ya know, before he knew it the time had whizzed by and it was 8 p.m. I said something to the effect then too about it not taking over 2 hours to drive 6-8 miles.

Yeah, I was pissed. Royally jacked I was. But it was more because I knew too that they had eaten supper already at the home of the guy on whose property they'd been hunting so I knew too that he could easily have phoned to tell me that but he couldn't even tell me they'd already eaten there.

Nope! The step-grandson told me that bit of information!

So now, I have a container of leftovers that probably won't heat well and will go to waste and that will tick me off just a tad bit more too!

Oh well, c'est la vie, I guess!


terri said...

I'd be extremely frustrated if I were in your shoes. These days, with cell phones and all the ways of communication, there's no reason you shouldn't have been given the courtesy of a phone call.

... Paige said...

I am mean and terrible, when I had a kitchen and when I cooked it was enough for the folks at home when I cooked and after we 3 ate there was no leftovers (if there was I packed up for my lunch)

not here when it's cooking you won't eat.

you my dear are a far better person than I

Suldog said...

C'est la vie? You're a better person than I, Jeni. I'd be kicking somebody's ass in the middle of this somewhere.

Maggie May said...

In laws can be just a bit inconsiderate at times.
You sound like one patient lady!

Nuts in May

Dr.John said...

Being ticked off serves no purpose. It doesn't change things. It makes you sad and takes from your life. You have to just let go what the SIL does or acts like. You can't change it. So why be unhappy over it?

fermicat said...

I think SIL needs to start taking care of himself. You have better things to do with your time and should spend your energy on people who actually appreciate your actions.