Thursday, December 03, 2009

Speaking of Food...

Remember the old round many of us learned back in our younger days -in elementary or high school about the goose getting fat? Sure you do, don't 'cha?

"Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat. Please to put a penny in the old man's hat."

And today, when we remember that song, how many of us are also making lists of what special items we have to buy so that we can make all kinds of cookies, breads, other special items, a big meal to organize for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and then, of course, the grand finale of this time of the year -New Year's Eve and again, special foods hit the table then too, don't they?

I think about my own list, pared down a good bit from previous years when I baked and baked and baked cookies and cookies and cookies. And then, some more cookies after that! No, not all of those were for just my family and me because I always used to bake oodles of cookies and take them in to share with my co-workers at one place where I used to work.

But just thinking about even the more limited menu and cookie prep I do these days still makes me think I should prepare a bit by finding the best weight loss pill ever to counteract against all the extra caloric intake involved in munching just a few of those goodies!

I realize too that my extra, unwanted, unneeded too, weight comes from overeating yes, but also because of other factors that kind of put me into a life style that is way too sedentary. It would help a lot, I'm sure, if I were able to move around a bit more too.

Now that we have the lovely little mutt living here and he needs to be taken out several times a day, perhaps if I concentrate on doing that more, walking him maybe just a few feet more each day too, it would be beneficial to me in the weight department.

I'm sure a little exercise as mild as walking a little dog -and that is what he is -a smallish dog -wouldn't tax my system all that much now, would it?

Sounds like a way I should ease into as I begin preparations for our Christmas celebration and all the food prep that goes with that.

It could serve to make it all a very Gud Jul celebration for me and to have a slightly healthier body then too!

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Jocelyn said...

Thank you again and again and again for the lovely comments you leave me, dearie. They make me so happy.

As one who is engaged in a life-long weight battle, I can say that even ten extra steps a day will make a difference. Whenever I've gotten serious and started making changes, I'm amazed how even small things add up.