Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Zoo -In Fine Form!

Just thought I'd give a little bit of an update here on how things are going with all the animals we seem to have acquired of late.

The two calico kittens were adopted last Thursday -same day, as you may recall that we were so lucky to have had Sammy, the dog, bequeathed on us.

Sam and Nina -the Mama Cat -have not (and by the looks of things probably are not going to either) made anything even near to a truce. All she has to do is growl and hiss at him and he runs headlong into whatever may be near by. Gracefulness is not an attribute of his, that much is for certain.

Now Chino -the gray cat -and Sam are cautious friends. Not shaking hands exactly but Chino is adapting a bit and abiding to Sam's wishes to play -occasionally. This simply means that they take turns chasing each other around the downstairs, then up the steps and a turn around through all the bedrooms and back down the steps all at a break neck pace too.

Now Kurtis dearly loves to watch Sam and Chino chase each other around and he likes to put himself into that mix too! One major problem with Kurtis doing that is that he pays as much attention to things that could be in his way as Sam does so it becomes a pretty raucous little adventure then for him and the animals as well as for us watching them and hoping no little boy gets injured in the process.

Actually though, I worry a lot about the potential destruction of furniture during some of these little romps. Makes me really relieved that we haven't invested in some expensive LCD TV or big stereo set-up that could easily get bumped, knocked over and broken when they get on a roll, ya know. Much as I'd like to have some stuff like that, I think it is for the best that we wait -probably a decade or so till the kids get better oriented to how to behave around good furniture I suppose.

Aside from that, the only other pet-related news here is that Maya decided for who knows what reason that the remaining calico kitten -a cute little fluff ball -needed to have her fur trimmed. So she found my sewing shears in my sewing machine in my room and Mandy just happened to walk in on her, catching her in the act of snipping some of the kitten's fur off her belly! Kids! Go figure, ya know.

And now -off to (hopefully) get caught up again on my blog reading. This is gonna be one really rough week to keep current with reading, posting and doing anything else too because this Saturday is the day of our annual Fall Bazaar at our church. So Thursday afternoon from noon to 3 p.m., Mandy and I have volunteered to help with cleaning the church social hall. Between Thursday night and Friday, I have to get my fat self in gear to do a bunch of baking -bread and cookies, maybe even a cake or pumpkin rolls. Who knows? (The bread is a definite though as it's an item that is a very big seller at our bazaars.) Then, Friday night, Mandy has to work so I'll be here with the kids trying to tie up any loose ends on stuff I'm supposed to provide and Saturday, well -that's the big day for the bazaar!

My older daughter, hopefully her son too, my son, his girlfriend and her daughter, plus Mandy and the two kids and I are all going to try to meet up at the bazaar and have a nice lunch together with the proceeds going to a very worthy cause -our WELCA group at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lanse, PA!

See you as I can over the rest of this week is about all I can say for now!


Sandee said...

Have a great time at the bazaar. Sounds like lots of fun.

Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

Maggie May said...

The nearest I get to having a pet is reading about yours!
Glad Maya didn't cut a tail off or anything and that you caught her in time!

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

Post some of your recipes! The pumpkin rolls sound really yummy!

Sandi McBride said...

I think Sam will be the light of Kurtis's life! It sounds such fun, makes me want to visit!

TechnoBabe said...

You have lots of baking ahead of you, enjoy the bazaar.

Skittles said...

Just dropping by to say howdy.

Dr.John said...

When Peter brings his dog with him to visit the two of them go crazy. Thus I know what you are going through. Perhaps, they will tire,
Peace be with you.

terri said...

Sounds like things are quite entertaining with all those pets, if not a bit chaotic.

The Fall Bazaar sounds fun. Hope you all have a good time!

Berni said...

Sounds like your competing with th Barnum and Bailey Circus. Lots of fun certainly not boring around your place

Linda said...

I almost feel like I should be listening to circus music sometimes when I read your posts - especially when you write about the on-goings of the menagerie!

Sometimes you just gotta take a short break from all the blog-reading or cross your fingers and hope that people decided not to post much so you don't have a major overflow in the Reader! That never seems to happen though, does it?!?