Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Worries and Stuff

I worry. Plain and simple, I do that. And, I'll betcha that you do too.

Maybe we don't worry about the same things all of the time, but I'm betting that every now and again, my worries probably coincide with yours.

I worry about my grandchildren -what their lives will be like. Will they be able to deal fairly easily with the autism factors or will they make a really huge, maybe a very bad impact on their lives.

Okay, that's one worry that I have that probably a lot of you, my readers, don't have now, maybe never will either, but with the way the autism rates are growing, chances are in the future, many of you will have that worry in the back of your mind too.

I worry too, of course, about my children. What parent doesn't do that? And even though they are all three grown, on their own -for the most part -it still doesn't stop the worries.

With my younger daughter here -and her husband -one of the things I worry about -a lot -is this house. Right now, there is a mortgage on it, in my name. With that mortgage, I also have an insurance policy that if something happens to me, the house is supposed to be paid for then through this insurance. But, it won't be because the insurance policy -for some reason or other -would right now only cover all but about $5,000 of the mortgage. Granted that's not a huge sum for them to be left owing on the house but considering other factors they have, it would probably be really difficult for them to get a loan to cover that amount left on the mortgage.

I worry to that they have no life insurance on themselves either. Now would be a very good time for them to look at purchasing insurance to get a more reasonable life insurance rate. I do know Mandy shares my worries about things like this but her husband, I don't think it registers much on his radar about the consequences for Mandy, for Maya and Kurt, for his other three children as well, should something happen to him.

And with things like that, it really is never too early to start trying to plan ahead. But it sure can be too late to do that as you get older and those prices rise -or if something were to happen that would put a person totally out of the picture forever too.

On a more positive note though, this morning when Kurtis was to leave to return to school -after a three week break in that action -he was uncharacteristically upset. He cried when the van arrived. Cried until Mandy came back in the house and got his comfy "Bear-Bear" to take with him to school. He hasn't taken "Bear-Bear" to school since about the third day of these classes several weeks ago. But today, he wanted it, needed it.

So Mandy was really worried today about how his day in school would go.

The good news is that his TSS (Sam) called and told me that all was fine upon his arrival at school; that he was all smiles when she got him off the van.

And furthermore, at school, during lunch, he ate four mini-corndogs, with ketchup! Now that, in and of itself is totally incredible as this little guy is generally quite adamant about what he will and will NOT eat and hot dogs have not been a part of that picture. Hot dog rolls -oh my yes! He'd eat them anytime but don't you dare even think about him ingesting an iota of the hot dog itself. So hearing that he actually ate four of these mini corn dogs is like a miracle happening. That, plus he drank water as well as milk out of a regular cup and did it with very little spillage with the water and NO spillage with the milk!

Just amazing to hear that!

And right now, that helps to lessen one of the many worries we all have about him!

Guess he won't starve to death after all, huh?


Sandee said...

I worry about a lot of the same things you do. Yep, I worry.

Have a terrific day. :)

Maggie May said...

I also worry about many of the things that you do. I have just watched a programme on teenage autism and I am worried that my grandson will have the terrible problems that they had. Trying to find a job and being so dependent on the family.
I worry about things happening to my family. No matter what their age, your children are always going to be your children!
Kurtis was probably reacting to going back to school after the break he has had. These children certainly don't like a change in routine.

Alex the Girl said...

I worry about the small stuff, and tend to stretch it out into big stuff. My husband tells me there is no point in worrying about things that cannot be changed...such as needing 50$ and having a zero balance in your bank account...nothing you can do to make it magically appear. It's my nature, I do believe, to stress over inevitable.

Shelby said...

I worry lots. it worries me that I worry. you are not alone.

Berni said...

I am a worrier too. They say people are either motivated to worry or to anger.

I worry about just about anything and then worry about the fact that I am worrying as I know it is wrong to worry and it never accomplishes anything anyway.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Jeni- I worry too. Incessantly. despite being a confident individual with reasonable comforts of life, I worry about tomorrow. My old age. My health. I worry about worst case scenarious all the time. Its just how I'm wired. So how do I deal with it? I try to remember I cannot change the universe. I try to maintain good "karma"- do good things and hope it comes back. I try to accept life and try to appreciate every moment as if its the last. :sigh: It felt good to type that. Although I'm worried I typed too much.

Moannie said...

Ah, yes! You certainly are not alone. I could write a book on why I worry, that nasty niggle that feels like a rat in my insides. At least I hope it is a worry and not a rat.

lattégirl said...

I think most parents start worrying about their children the instant they are born. Or probably well before that. The instant they're conceived!

I worry a lot less than I used to. It takes practice, but it works. I am much more at peace with many things in my world than I've ever been before.

Kanani said...

All valid concerns, Jenni.

I hope you've been able to speak frankly with daughter and son-in-law.

I worry a lot too. Though as of late have realized my life is in the hands of fate --not such a bad thing, but has made me live life with a great deal of gratitude for the things I have and can control.

Moannie said...

Popped back to say thank you for the really long comment on my blog...you could copy and post it yourself, all that hard work. Funny thing is that until I asked the folks for their input I didn't think I ever drove them bonkers, just gos to show, eh?

Thank again.

Sandi McBride said...

You're right Jen...we all worry and I think we worry mostly about the same things...family, jobs and money...it's all intertwined...I'm so happy that Kurtis found he could wolf down some corndogs! He's a normal little boy afterall so no worries! They'll be fine, Jen..they'll be fine!
hugs a bunch

... Paige said...

That is good news. I too worry about the increase; I am so convinced it's because of the immunizations. My mother's generation had very few, my had more, my oldest daughter had more and now her children are having more. I believe this had led to the increase as the immunizations are building up in the cells.

I know, I’m one of them conspiracy theorist.

terri said...

I think it's nearly impossible not to worry at least sometimes. We women are pros at it though. And worrying about those we love is just natural. We want only the best for them, but fear the worst.

Good to hear that Kurtis is doing well at school. It sure sounds like he's making great strides. I hope that means the future won't be so difficult for him after all.

Travis said...

I don't really worry that much anymore.

RuneE said...

I would absolutely think about planning for insurances. We have a very different system from yours, but I'm glad we did some planning. Things happen: As you know, I got a rare heart disease at 50 and had a heart transplant before I was 54. That was NOT planned, but we survived thanks to our health system and a bit of advance planning.

PS Thank you for the kind comments! Photography has helped me too :-)