Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bargain Hunters

I think most people who meet me and either already know my daughters or meet my daughters after meeting me may think there are no resemblances between me and them. And in many respects, that is true.

One thing for sure is that in build -height/weight, we are quite dissimilar. Both my girls are taller than me -Mandy is about and inch and a half taller and Carrie is almost three (yes, 3) inches taller than me. Because of their added height, they also, thus far, don't have the same issues I have with weight too. Lucky for both of them!

But my girls and I do share a few things in common. One is that all three of us love books -love, love, love to read. Mandy and I are both very big fans of Jodi Picoult's books although Carrie has not yet been bitten by that bug. But she still enjoys reading other books that Mandy and I both loved too -like "Marley and Me" for one example but there are many others. We trade books back and forth all the time which that way enables us to be able to devour more reading materials then.

But one thing Mandy and I especially share is the fight when shopping to find the best buy possible. Our searches may differ because our interests -other than in books -are different but both of us scour websites, in search of the best deal we can possible find. I wouldn't quite go so far as to say it's anything for a bargain, but it's pretty darned close to that aspect for us.

But because Mandy gets out and away from the house a bit more than I do, she also is an avid fan of yard sales, Goodwill Industries stores, The Salvation Army and thrift shops and many of the clothes, as well as toys, the kids have here have come from her ability to find good quality items at those places as well as online.

Plus, there is also the added factor in all of this -which I suppose could be labeled as the thrill of the kill, in a manner of speaking.

If you haven't tried these methods, you really should. It can sure be a lot of fun, ya know.


terri said...

Some of my coworkers find the best clothing at 2nd hand & consignment shops. I plan to give that a try soon.

Berni said...

I buy just about all my clothes second hand barring underwear. Can't see the point of spending a fortune of clothes I would rather spend my money on gadgets!

TechnoBabe said...

I have read every one of Jodi Picoult's books except "Songs of the Humpback Whale". I checked them out at the library and that is the only book not at the library. You might like to read "While My Sister Sleeps" by Barbara Delinsky and some of her other books, also a very good author.