Saturday, June 23, 2007

"In The Swim"

Well, well! Here I am, up bright and early, showered, (shaved legs), dressed, hair combed, etc. and ready to roll out of here about an hour from now to drive over to Tyrone to DelGrosso's Park where the big family reunion of my Dad's family is going to be held today.

I don't have a clue how well I will manage the day because I didn't get very doggone much sleep last night - only about two hours of the good old snooze time, thanks to my sweet little grandson. I was wide awake late last night - till about 3 a.m. when I quit doing my research for the day and hit the bed pillows but shortly after 5 a.m., Kurtis woke me up. At first, it sounded like he might have been having a bad dream - just a little whining which would sort of die down - but then he started to really wail and his mother and I were both by his bed in a flash. Poor little guy was just soaked for one thing and apparently his tummy must have been telling him he was on starvation row too because Mandy went and got him a bottle -after getting all new fresh and dry clothes on him - and he virtually attacked the milk in that bottle. Drained it dry in nothing flat!

So, since I was up then, wide awake too, I decided I may as well get a jump on the day - get my shower and dressed, make the coffee, etc. That way, when it is time for us to head out to the park, it won't be me holding up the parade!

I got another roll of film developed this week - on Wednesday - and have been meaning to post some of the photos on it but just haven't gotten around to it, so I'm going to share some with you this morning.

Last Sunday, Mandy had to run over to Walmart and she took Miss Maya with her. When they came home, she had a big box in the car which Maya knew exactly what was in the box and she was really excited about it too -wanting her Daddy to set it up so she could "get in the swim!"

Yes, Mandy bought a nifty inflatable pool - shaped like a figure eight, a nice size it is. In order to get it set up, Bill had to take it up to my son's house and use the air compressor on it to inflate it! When he brought it back home and put it up in the yard, Maya was just beside herself - dancing around, squealing and laughing and could hardly wait until Uncle Clate had at least enough water in the bottom that it would cover her feet! We had a really difficult time then getting her out of "the swim" to come in and eat supper that night too! (By the way, "in the swim" is what Maya calls going swimming, in case you haven't already figured that out.)

So here's a couple pictures of Maya, along with her little brother, Kurtis, in their new swimming pool.
In case you haven't already figured it out, the person behind little Kurtis, holding him up, is his Mama, my younger daughter, Amanda.
And now, it's time for me to go get in the swim of things -like finish loading stuff in the car and heading on out to the 2007 Hill Family Reunion!

Have a great day everyone!


Vic Grace said...

Hope you have a great day.

About the camera.It is a Dove soap promotion, I think it end in
August. You have to buy 3 different products send them proof and shipping and handling of $8.45 and you get this basic little digital camera free.Doesn't do many pictures at once but it is a start. Look for promo literature in the drug store, unless it was only for Canada.

We are having one heck of a storm here, thunder and lightening overhead.

masgblog said...

Hi Jeni...and thank you for your kind words. Just dropping by to various places. I just can't blog about anything right now. Every time I open my page, I see my sweetie pie's face, and it still hurts so bad. We are both a mess right now, still in shock I think.

Linda said...

Hope you had a wonderful time at the family reunion and that you weren't too tired from your early morning to enjoy yourself.

When I was young (many, many years ago!) we had a small pool in our backyard that I basically lived in myself. It was hard for my Mom to get me out of there for meals just like Maya!

Looks like they absolutely love that pool and I bet they get many hours of summer fun out of it!

Smalltown RN said...

I do hope you have a fantastic time at the reunion....relax and enjoy the family.....

Looks like the little ones really enjoyed the!