Friday, December 05, 2014


I honestly don't know where the time goes that days pass by so quickly and I still am just as darned disorganized with my blog and postings here! I start out with all the best of intentions and somehow or other, things get overlooked or just plain forgotten about.

And I don't know which to blame right now for the fact it has been well over a month since I last posted something here.

I've had so many things -ideas -that have popped up in my mind and intended to write about them but then, somehow or other, I got waylaid, or busy with something else and well, it just totally slipped my mind then.

I've been -of course -still dealing with the Avon and definitely not setting the financial world, much less my own personal status on fire with that business! Thankfully, this year, although I have had a few issues now and again with items not being available, it hasn't been near as bad as it was last year during the Christmas selling season. But the strange thing is last year -problems with orders and all -I still had way better sales than I have had this year. Oh well. Live and learn and deal with it!

I've been trying to incorporate a little extra time for me to devote to my embroidery projects but even that hasn't been what it used to be. I did finally finish a tabletopper this past week but, although I had done this particular tabletopper a couple of years back and managed to get it done within 2-3 weeks, my stitching must have slowed down drastically this year because this time it took me over 2 months to finish that thing! I have since started a new topper project -a Christmas piece -and so far, it seems to be moving fairly fast -which is to say there is a remote possibility I can finish it before the holiday!

Last week though -Thanksgiving Week -I had the company of my two younger grandchildren (Maya and Kurtis) here all week. They had the pleasure of accompanying me to deliver several of my Avon orders and provided a good bit of entertainment in the process for me.

The weather here has been so up and down -one day it's like springtime, another day, like a rainy summer day and then, boom, out of no where it seems, Mother Nature decides to attack with a bit of revenge to remind us that it is very near to wintertime here!

Most of the nasty weather has involved my most hated type of weather conditions, that being freezing rain. Gosh I do hate that stuff with an absolute passion because it makes driving as near to impossible and is possible! Had a good bit of that substance here this morning and as yet today, I haven't been out of the house, but I know my car is going to need a lot of muscle to clear all the layer of ice on my windshield, for openers, before I will be able to go anyplace now!

Now, I know several people who say they love rainy days and don't even mind the days when the rain freezes upon contact with the ground, or changes over in mid-stream to sleet. (I think those people are insane, but that's my opinion.) They tell me that, to their minds, it is like a form of music to their ears when they hear it hitting their roof or the windows in their homes.

I do love music, for sure, but that kind of music doesn't make me think of PA's music at all.  Nope, no way! To my ears, that kind of music from Mother Nature sounds like a big old orchestra trying to tune up and not giving any harmonizing tones to it at all yet!

And now, because Sammy - my little old mutt here -is doing his kind of music of whimpering and whining and telling me by that to get my boots, coat, scarf and gloves on and please take him out for a walk very soon or I will be making some bad music of my own here, with a bit of cursing involved, as I will have a mess on my hands then to clean up after him!

So, off I go -into the wild, dusk, sort of gray, gradually turning black, yonder so he can find some areas along the road and our little walk to stay on my good side for the rest of today.

That much, I can control for now, today!


terri said...

I can deal with rain or snow, but I have to agree with you about the freezing rain. I wish it would just stay away. Sounds like we might get a bit of it here tomorrow. I just hate driving in it, and worrying about my kids driving in it.

Beryl Ament said...

My own feelings exactly. Everything takes so much longer—even if I can even get inspired to do it in the first place. As for getting around to writing Blog entries, I never understand how people can commit to writing a daily entry from Dec 1 to Jan 1 of all times in Holidailies (