Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Please Return My Memory!!!

The events in my life as of yesterday are pretty much confirming my suspicions that I am either losing my memory or, possibly my mind!

Here's the timeline that led up to this discovery of my missing mind and memory capacity.

First off, there is the commode in the bathroom and it is one of those that is supposed to be a "water saver." That is a farce! Trust me when I tell you that.

It is almost inevitable that when you flush the commode here, it takes at least one more flush, and often 3 or 4, for it to work properly and send everything down the tubes to the sewage line.

Now tell me this -how does this then qualify as something that "saves water" usage?

Sometimes, you even have to get the old plunger out in order to get it to work properly. And the plunger is actually what this post is about now.

Sunday evening, I was having issues with the commode -getting it to flush everything down -so I got the plunger out to use it and lo and behold, the darned thing was no longer usable as it had come apart right in the middle!

So, I put this on my list of things I needed to purchase -in my mind, ya know -so I would remember to purchase a new plunger then when Maya and I had to run to Clearfield to the Walmart yesterday to pick up two of my prescriptions there.

Well, luckily the memory bank was working okay and yesterday, while at Walmart, I actually remembered to put a new plunger in my cart.

Got to the checkout and run through the checker, paid and got my bags into the cart and loaded the stuff into the trunk of my car.

And here is apparently where my memory decided to malfunction.

Maya and I got home and I brought the bags into the house. I stopped momentarily outside to pick up yesterday's newspaper laying on the parking area and put it into the bag holding the plunger.

And that was the last time I saw the darned thing -the plunger, that is!

I then spent the bulk of the evening searching the downstairs of this old house -looking in any kind of place that would be big enough a hiding place for a plunger to take refuge from being moved into the bathroom but all to no avail!

That damned plunger had decided to hide from me and considering the fact that as of noon today now, it's still in hiding and I have run out of places to look for it now too!

Where on earth could that item have gone to anyway?

That, my friends, is the $64,000 question that remains unanswered in this house!

Now, it looks like I'm going to have to include another stop at Walmart to get another plunger and hope to the high heavens that a new one doesn't grow legs and move out on me before I have a chance to put it in its designated container in the bathroom.

Darned good thing the commode isn't all plugged up though is one aspect for which I am right now, thanking my lucky stars!

Good thing it wasn't an expensive purchase too or I'd really be sunk, wouldn't I?

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Maggie May said...

I don't expect the plunger has disappeared down the commode, has it?
You'll probably find it where you least expect to see it several weeks from now!
This is the type of thing that happens to us, too!
Had to chuckle.
Maggie x

Nuts in May