Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Apply Bribery Liberally!

One of my issues -among a whole lot at times -that I complain about frequently is that my feet and/or legs ache. Anyone else have problems along these lines?

But when the feet really, really bother me, I try to convince either Maya or Kurt to be nice to old Grammy and rub my feet with various types of creams or foot creams, in particular. Sometimes they are nice and do that for me fairly willingly -at least for a short time span anyway.

But lately, Kurt's the only one I can cajole into doing this to make my tootsies feel a little better. Because this is something that has been a problem -sort of -for many years and one my kids often used to get roped into doing for me, they would probably say that Maya is exhibiting a lot of superb intelligence in refusing to be Gram's little slave there.

But I've recently come across something that makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I can use something I came across to convince her to rub Gram's aching feet after all.

Maya, you see, is a little Diva and as such, she has a major affinity for lots of things along the "beauty" products lines. One of these is fingernail polish. And that is something she dearly loves!

Gram is not one inclined to things like that -mainly because as soon as I try to do my nails, with some pretty, fancy color, for some weird reason my fingers then feel very heavy and I will almost immediately begin the process of scraping, peeling or getting out the nail polish remover and making sure then I have just removed every last bit of polish. However, I did learn last summer when Maya wanted to polish my toe nails that nail polish there doesn't bother me sooooo -I'm thinking if I were to splurge and buy nail polish  in some of  these really snazzy shades and then give the stuff to Maya as part of her Christmas present, it might just work to get her to do a little foot massage then in return for poor old Gram's feet!

Desperation does breed some strange bedfellows at times ya know and I'm thinking if that would work, it might be a very worthwhile investment for me.

Think it's worth a shot? I dunno but I might just give it a try.


Sandee said...

I think it's worth a shot. She just may go for it. Way cool.

Have a terrific day. :)

terri said...

Sounds like a fair trade-off! I hope it works!