Monday, April 06, 2009

The Fun of the Hunt

Yesterday was one of those April days that as the weather proved today was a teaser. Yesterday, it was really beautiful -sunny skies, just right temperature -pleasant, just all around pleasant.

Today -a good bit on the chilly side, the raw kind of chilly and the forecast for tonight? Not very nice, I'm afraid -possible dusting of snow on the ground by morning. The good side though is the weather forecaster says that as soon as the sun pops up the snow will melt immediately.

Bring on the sunshine, please!

Days like yesterday makes me think about upcoming things that will be taking place soon. Spring, Summer and Fall here supports my daughter's most favorite pastime. (Hmmm -I thought that should be "pasttime" but spell-checker says no, pastime. Okay, so be it.

Always a bargain hunter, Mandy dearly loves -scans the newspapers daily for notices about these events and what will be available at them too. I like a good sale too but I tend to give a lot of interest over to the weekly online events at my favorite online craft store!

No, Mandy's big excitement is garage and yard sales! And she can generally spot a really good one too quite handily, even has some places ear-marked on her calendar planner because she knows this or that one always has lots and lots of great children's clothes in the next size up that the kids will need. Lots of toys too.

As a result of that, these two children here are some of the best-dressed in the whole doggone county! They also have a more than adequate supply of toys too thanks to those yard/garage sales along with Goodwill Stores, The Salvation Army, Consignment stores too, like Kid-to-Kid! Sure do hope the whole country doesn't go the same route as California has in that Goodwill and other places like that can no longer sell used kids clothing and toys because of the risk to lead or something like that. Gimme a break, will ya please, with all these crazy regulations!

So now, go see where you can find a good bargain or two.


Hammer said...

Supposedly the whole country is on the lead thing but only on items of a certain age.

Travis said...

We had a gorgeous spring day in the 70's with lots of sunshine. Sorry about that.

If it helps, we're due for more rain toward the end of the week.

Smalltown RN said...

My hubby love the garage sales...actually so do I..but he often is the one who finds the deals...yesterday was no exception...he and his father went to a garage sale of sorts for boating equipment well sure enough hubby came home with this chart finder thingy....suppose to be a smokin deal...he was very happy...have no idea what it does...but I guess it doesn't matter.

We are planning on holding a garage sale pretty soon...we along with the inlaws have a ton of stuff to dispose of....they have a double car garage that the vehicle don't fit into because it is so full of stuff!!!